Tips For Living in Your House and Selling it at the Same Time

Many clients ask us, how do we live in our house while we have it listed for sale? How will we keep it clean and show ready but also feel comfortable in our own home? Our answer is that while living in the house you are selling does take some work,it is not impossible. Many home sellers find first de-cluttering the things they don’t use every day and then making a plan for cleaning is helpful to successfully moving through the home selling process.

1.) Make Your Bed Everyday- Start a habit of making your bed every morning, as soon as you get out of it. That way, it is already done and you have one less thing to worry about when you get a call for a showing. If you have children, have them get into the habit of making their bed every morning as well.

2.) Pack away the things you don’t use- We all have things laying around the house that we don’t even notice on a daily basis. Pack up the things that you don’t need. The will reduce the amount of cleaning and picking up you need to do when you get that phone call that a buyer wants to see your house. De-cluttering is also a way to show off the features of your house.

3.) Clean the dishes right after you use them- Another habit to get in the process of doing is the clean your dishes right after you use them. Or, at least get them into the dishwasher! This way, there are no dishes to worry about in the sink or on the counters when you have a showing coming up. You can use the extra time to do the other things you need to do such as wipe down the counters and take out the trash.

4.) Deep Clean Once a Week- Pick a day once a week when you will really have the time to deep clean from top to bottom. If you have a family, get them involved too. Make a plan beforehand so you know which day is deep cleaning day, and schedule out the time to do it. That way, when you have a buyer coming to see the house in an hour, you won’t have to panic!

5.) Plan what needs to be done before showings- Have a list of things that you want to get done before every scheduled showing. These are usually things such as wiping down counters, sweeping under the table, and picking up toys and clothes. A list of things you want to get done will help you get through the things quickly and check them off one by one.